Saturday, March 23, 2013

Barbie paints the town red

If you grew up without a doll to play with and you suddenly get a chance to play with one what would you do? Well i did what I guess most would. - jump at the chance to dress the doll in different dresses. Of course I had the pleasure of designing and stitching them too.When I found my five year old niece had a 'thing' for Barbie. giving her a wardrobe to play with seemed the best gift. Sewing those tiny stitches was a challenge as my right index finger finds it difficult to wield a needle after a accident.
I searched for scraps of silk and lace in my stash and came up with a collection of dresses that would gladden a little girl's heart. And was she glad!

         The wedding dress was the biggest success needless to say!
  Well so was the pink as it was her favourite colur!

   The gold net transformed this into a ball dress!
      The gagra-choli made Barbie as Indian as she could be.

 My crochet needle did its bit too and these three dresses were the result.

 More dresses with lace trim and accessories to add glamour.

 And simple ordinary dresses for those ordinary days..
I enjoyed making these up for my niece and she has a grand time dressing up her little dolls. Do you have a little one who would like a wardrobe for her Barbie? You could order some then. Similar ones not identical ones as each dress would be unique in its fabric and the little trims that go to make it special. Your girl will always have a unique and special wardrobe for her girl(s).


  1. Lovely! But where is the pattu pavadai!!


  2. You should send this to the Barbie manufacturers!!!

    1. Caroline. I did get in touch with them. They are so afraid of being sued for using some pattern that they dont normally even open such mails and pictures I believe. Weird world.

  3. How delightful these are, Sobana! I especially love the crochet and the every day dresses!

    1. Thanks Madhu! I spent a whole making just these! Had a tough time in sewing Velcro as I did not have tiny buttons. Rest was fun! Came across a female in goa who sews really grand dresses for barbie. Mine pale in comparison with hers!

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