Monday, October 26, 2015

Bookshelf quilt

There are times when what should be a simple finish just drags on. Tiny mistakes, fabric shortage and just that lack of will power to sit and complete made my book shelf quilt a long drawn out affair. Finally I have it all done and have exciting words to quilt on it. Maybe some favourite quotes and since it is meant for a Harry Potter fan something from those books too. That is if I can find enough pins to baste it!! Another hurdle looming up as all my pins are in another quilt that has been basted but not quilted.
 Anyway here is my quilt top for ALYOF.

Monday, October 5, 2015

October quilts

I have a lot of work queued up for this month - so what is new you ask? Well for one I am not able to prioritize. I am dithering about which project I should take up and letting the days slip away. Having to chose a project for a ALYOF is going to help me this time around. So I am choosing this month's goal as the bookshelf quilt I have undertaken to do for a cousin. Hoping to get the quilt top finished by end of the month.