Monday, March 28, 2016

Organised sewing

And so after about two years of procrastination, I finally made myself an organiser. I have to admit putting it as my OMG target really pushed me to do it! And when I saw a pattern as part of the bonus projects in The Splendid Sampler I decided to get it done. I took the bare outlines from that pattern and just changed it to suit my needs. With some favourite fabrics and trims I ended up with a pretty organiser.

I also finished the quilt I was working on for my sister and heaved a sigh of relief. Still got to do matching pillow covers and a pair of cushion covers for her.
And one more project that I managed to complete was a wallet in faux leather for dh. All in all a productive March!

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

As the month marches by

Last month I failed to keep my target. It was a combination of circumstances like running out of fabric for the backing and the shop not having the colour in stock, receiving the border later than I had expected and so spending ten days doing other stuff - yet it is a fact that I could not finish on time.
And already a week has gone by in March and I am still doing free motion quilting on that quilt for my sister.Did I tell you I chose a really close pattern to quilt and it has consumed 2000 metres of thread already! I must be adding to the warp and weft of the fabric I think. And I still have to do a pair of pillow covers and cushion covers to match the quilt.
 I am not going to make these my goal to finish this month though! I will certainly finish them but there is something that I want to sew and have been wanting for a couple of years. An organiser for my sewing stuff! I had drawn the specs last year,kept aside some see through vinyl and yet have-not got around to sewing it. Every time I drop pins and my scissors and other stuff off my sewing table I tell myself I need to get my organiser done. So this month I am doing some selfish sewing. Hoping to share a picture then!
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