Thursday, August 10, 2017

Keep it going

The mood is still pink I guess! I managed to sew up a thank you gift for my niece, do the strap for a bag meant for her sister and which has been languishing for about 6 months now. The Jasmine sling bag is by Bagstockpatterns and this is the third one I am sewing and I see a few more in my future. I incorporated the two options provided to get more pockets.

 This was the Chloe saddle bag. I had some issues which put me off finishing it.Now with the strap added it is off to it's new owner.

The fabric basket that troubled me no end is also finally done. Next time I am trying a different pattern as this one did not work for me.And finally one more pouch done yesterday and another all cut out and ready to sew this evening! Feeling good about my determination to keep it going.

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