Saturday, August 5, 2017

Blue to pink

I have been going through one of those moods that see me sewing very little. Things happening on the home front is keeping me distracted. And if that was not enough my Juki is going cranky on me. It does that everytime I do fmq on a large quilt. About half way through it decides ‘I am tired of not going on the straight path’ and whines and howls until it gets on my nerves! With experience I know that sewing some regular stuff can get my machine back on its tracks although at times only a visit to the service centre can do the trick.
 But I have my own weird fixations and one of them is that I hate going onto another project while I have one that needs finishing. (I do have a few UFO s but they are mostly abandoned although I have hopes of resurrecting them sometime in the future.) So I have been twiddling my thumbs and wandering in and out of my sewing room dragging out finishing a fabric basket.  Even putting away the quilt did not help. The quilt is my Splendid sampler and  I am almost at the finish line.

Yesterday I finally managed to get over my lethargy and sew up a couple of gift pouches.

I got some lovely scraps from my tailor the other day ( although I would never dream of discarding anything so large. Well in truth I do not discard which is why my collection of fabrics is now occupying two rooms!) And as I had promised dh gifts for a couple of girls at our grocery shop and also had a pattern from sweetbeebuzzings  that I wanted to try out, I made these pouches. I loved the shocking pink scrap that my tailor gave and teamed it with some fabric from my stash to add to the looks.
I have to admit the pattern really turned out well. The pouches look lovely that I am tempted to make one for myself and maybe a few more as gifts. And the size is pretty decent. I skipped adding the fusible fleece or in my case batting and am happy I did so, as this is well structured with all the layers of fabric. My wrist strap ended up a touch high causing some unseemly bulge inside and next time I plan to place it a bit lower.
Now to cut out something else cashing in on the high of ticking off something off my list of to-do's. That list is long so expect a lot more goodies.