Sunday, January 1, 2017

Starting a list again

Last year I decided to make a list of the books I read. Two reasons for that decision. One is simple. I forget names very quickly. That has been a game since the last twenty years. Someone told me it is called selective aphasia. Knowing the name does not make it better. The other reason was that my reading had become non- existent. I had very little access to books but more so hardly any time to read. Quilting occupied all my waking moments. So I though a list of books would give me a impetus to read a bit more.
 The list was started but I never got around to keeping it updated. But I did read a lot. Almost all Kindle of course.
My tablet is now in my hands most of the time. When I am not surfing I am reading. Let me see if I can this year get back to writing too. The list then is part of my writing exercise. I am reading the second volume of Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles. It is Red Riding Hood time.
Now to figure out how to add the new standalone page!