Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wanted - A new machine

A quilt a month with all that free-motion quilting seems to have sent my Juki into a tizzy. It started suffering from burn-out syndrome. I mean that really. One could smell that strong smell of something burning. So off it went for a well-needed servicing. Been a month and some days and I am still twiddling my thumbs waiting for the return of my beloved machine. The talk is that the motor has become weak and may need a transplant! And we all know transplants are expensive. Like heart surgery the original was inexpensive while the replacement is going to cost the earth. I need a new machine.
And one that will let me quilt to my heart's content. I would like to have some extras - fonts to add my initials to my quilts or put a child's name onto its' wearable instead of my scrawl. And so my heart beat a little faster when I saw Amy's offer on Amy's creative for a Baby Lock Melody sewing machine. Gosh that would be something! Time for my luck to change and win something. I hope the gods are smiling down at me. Let me win that beauty!

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