Sunday, July 26, 2015

An extraordinary quilt

This has to rate as the toughest and of course the loveliest of the quilts I have tried to make. Right now I have done only the blocks and have to make it into a quilt top and then of course quilt it. But happy right now to have got to this stage. Especially as I know no one else has done as much. Many have lagged behind or given up or never tried. So I do have reason to feel on top of the world.  And of course not to forget that at last I would have a quilt for myself.
I set this as my target for ALYOF and managed to finish it all but for the last block. I am out of the background material and will be getting it in the next couple of days. Will finish it definitely before the month ends.
 Tagging it for ALYOF at Sewbittersweet designs


  1. Wow, those are striking blocks - good on you:)
    They look pretty intense, I can see why many have given up!

  2. Thank you Heidi. I don't think I can do this a second time though they are very pretty!

  3. Those are wonderful blocks. Looks like a lot of work!

    1. Thanks Linda. Yes they were. I have been doing them in batches to make it easy on myself.

  4. Wow, that's gonna be gorgeous!