Monday, December 7, 2015

Lovely end to the year

It is always nice when the year ends in style and though not intended my best quilt will be the finish that will round off the year. I am calling this quilt 'Starry dreams'. I mean one cannot sleep under this quilt and not have wonderful dreams or so I think. The quilt itself has been a long journey, a lesson in paper piecing designed (and with hands on help in the making also) by fellow quilter Madhu ( the patterns are still available here but may be retired shortly).  This is also the first quilt I am making for myself and I suspect it is the 25 the quilt I am making so it has been a long wait.
I am almost done with the quilting but it needs a little ripping and some cleaning, burying threads before the panels are joined. Yes it is Qayg, which I prefer as I can do a lot of fmq and then of course I have to bind. Maybe dye some fabric for the binding in keeping with the blocks! So this will be december' s ALYOF.

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