Sunday, May 1, 2016

Just made it!

I was sure I was going to miss my deadline this month. Had my machine out for servicing and though I got it back two days back we had long and frequent power cuts. It really put me off my stride when I am interuppted. As it there is a lot of demand on my time and I hate it when I finish all my work and sit at my sewing machine only to find there is no power! Yes it happens all the time and yet never ceases to frustrate me.
In case you are wondering I left it so late, I was caught up teaching a workshop ( a first time venture) in the middle of the month and preparing the kits took a lot of time.
Well I did finish the tote I planned for this month. I have a few more planned and this was to set the mood. I liked the way it turned out and that it was a fairly simple sew.
This was made following a tute by The Inspired Wren and she has made it easy to follow.
Linking this with OMG at Red Letter Quilts.

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  1. Great tote and Thank you for the link! I like that the straps go a ways down the sides to form the pocket, it looks sturdy. Hope you can count on a dependable machine in May, sounds frustrating! Thank you for linking up - I am so glad you caught the extra day!!