Friday, October 7, 2016

Cover up those walls

I think without OMG I might give in to my laziness and not blog at all. Not that I don't have anything to write about. It just never gets prioritised and before I know it the month goes by. I must admit that OMG has also increased the number of blogs I follow and I am constantly amazed by the talent on display. The upside of it is the desire to emulate or at least attempt to emulate. It feeds my desire to make some more art quilts. I was quite happy with these two that I made recently.

And so this month's s OMG will combine my desire to do some more art quilts with the need to make a gift for dh. He is celebrating his 60th this year and it is usually a big celebration in my part of the world. But since dh hates fusses of any sort we will not have the customary celebrations.
And so it seemed I should make an attempt and do something special for him. I am planning to try and make an art quilt out of a photograph of a kingfisher. Bobby was a special bird and one of our first feathered friends here at the farm. He used to follow us as we watered plants waiting for insects to be disturbed and swoop on them. I think we used him as a subject for many of our photographs. It is one such photograph that I hope to render into fabric.
Finding space on a wall will be a problem though! The living room walls are already taken with my framed cross stitches and also paintings by my step- daughter and well loved purchased art. Looks like we may need to build more walls in the house to hang stuff!
And that will be my October OMG! Did I forget to mention that I am hoping to send my machine to be set right next week? I might get a stand-in from a friend on condition I get it working. It should be something minor I think as it is a hardly used new machine!

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