Sunday, January 10, 2016

Looking back

Someone' s idle remark had me wondering about all the work I did last year. Truth be told I don't quite remember the number of quilts I made. So I pulled up the photos and took the time to have a second look. When one is making quilts to order there is hardly any breathing space  and so there is no time to dwell on a finish. So taking time now to do it!
This was Mira's  springtimequilt. I never expected it to look so good and there was one happy girl to receive it!
It seemed like everyone wanted a springtime quilt after a look at it. Thankfully I could convince the grandmother to modify the theme. This was Nora's once upon a time quilt!
Another fond grandmother decided to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary. Y gifting her four grandchildren quilts made by me. This was Sanjog' sweatpants quilt.
This was for the grandma' s sister's grandkids. Aditi wanted a log cabin quilt without any pink! That was challenging not log cabin but not using pink!
Asha's trip around the world was the second quilt for that family.
This was the third quilt for the same family - I loved the back and would have used it as front given the chance!
The front was pretty too and Asha' loved that her name was written many times!
And this was the fourth for the family.Meghna wanted a bookshelf quilt and I loved writing the book names as also the names of a lot of Harry Potter characters as she was a huge fan of the book!

A baby quilt for someone in the family. I used blocks made a while ago to do this. Pretty pleased with the way it turned out and on having used some blocks!
The last one for the year was starstruck! This was a quilt that saw a lot of hard work but the end result was worth it!
And there were a lot of little things that I sewed party purses, car organiser, sketch pen pouch bags and more bags. All in all a pretty decent year!


  1. Wow! That is a lot of completed projects! I think I should make a list too!

  2. I was surprised too Madhu! Resting on my laurels this year though! Post yours too.