Thursday, February 4, 2016

My sister's quilter

This month' s OMG target will be my sister' s quilt. I have dragged my foot a lot on this one just because she was not in a big hurry. She also has asked for matching pillow covers and cushion covers.  Even if I don't get those done I would like to get the quilt done. I am waiting for the borders, which are going to be block printed. Can't wait to get them. I also had a request from dh for a wallet in faux leather as he had to throw the one he was using.  He does not think I can really do it but give me a pattern and i can do a decent job. I will be googling the net for a pattern as i dont have any saved. I would like to do that this month but as I have to give only one target I would make it the quilt! Here is that picture again.
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